The Jackson Family

Thursday, November 30, 2006

Merry Christmas with love !!

From our family to you and yours- We wish you a very Merry Christmas!! We hope you have had a wonderful year, and that the new year is filled with wonderful blessings!!
2006 has brought us many happy memories.
Ashtyn turned 2 on Feb 3 ( I can't believe she is almost 3!). She continues to bring us joy every day. She loves preschool, and currently her favorites are Mickey Mouse ( with Minnie, Donald, Goofy, and Daisy), and Penguins- as in Happy Feet. We took her to see the movie opening night and the LOVED it!! She danced so much in the chair she fell out !!! :) For Christmas she wants " 2 babies and a stroller". She has been asking for this for months, so Santa had plenty of notice !!
Ken and I are doing well also. We keep busy with Ashtyn and our jobs !! We truly enjoy our family time!!!
I have posted our family pictures and pictures of Ashtyn we has take last Sunday. Enjoy!

Merry Christmas with love,
The Jackson Family


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