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Thursday, April 13, 2006

Preschool Easter Day

Ashtyn had her Easter party at preschool today, and luckily I was able to go. First they hunted for eggs- Ashtyn was a pro at this. She would find one and say, "Here's one!" every time!!! She was sooooo cute with her basket!!! Of course I took tons of pictures- I will post those soon!
After the egg hunt they played a while outside- the weather is beautiful!! Then we went inside and they did their dot painting ( they use these things that look like the bingo dot things with washable paint in it- Ashtyn LOVES it !! ). Ashtyn's picture was pink and purple. I think those are her two favorite colors- every time I dress her in pink- she goes, " Oooooo Pink!! :) ".
Anyway- after the painting we sat on the floor and sang songs. They sang: Easter Is, The Itsy Bitsy Spider, and the ABC's. She did wonderfully!!! :) After the singing was lunch time! Ashtyn is not the best eater in the world- but LOVES to share her food. She would take food from her lunch and put it on her friend's plate to share with them. It was very sweet. For dessert they got a special treat... Cupcakes!!! Naturally Ashtyn wanted the pink one ( I really think Ken will have to give up his softball hopes for her !!! lol!!!!). She licked the icing off- did not eat the cake- but loved the icing!!!
That is all for now- I will post pictures soon! Happy Easter !!


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