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Monday, May 15, 2006

Busy Busy Busy!

Finally... a little time to catch everyone up! Ashtyn is doing great ! She only has one week of school left and then is out for summer break- it is hard to believe she has completed her first year of preschool!!!!!!! She is growing up way to fast !!! She loves to make us laugh, and keeps us on our toes too!! We are working on potty training, and so far, she has done really well. I think she gets tired of me asking " do you need to go potty?" The other day I asked her and her reply was, " No, I am fine." Way too grown up for me !!!!!!!
She is so so prissy... We were at Ken's softball game a week or so ago, and he asked her if she wanted to go onto the field and run the bases. She said yes, but one she stepped onto the field, dirt got into her shoe. She stopped, asked to be held, took off her shoe to get the dirt out, and would not go back out there!! We laughed soooo hard- she cannot stand to be dirty!!!
I registered her for dance beginning in the fall. We let her walk around, and go into one of the classrooms- she loved seeing herself run around in the mirrors- I really think she is going to like it. She told us she wanted to go to dance class- so we'll see come this fall.
I promise I will have pictures posted by next week!!!!!


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