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Thursday, October 05, 2006


We took Ashtyn to see Mickey Mouse ( aka Disney World ) at the end of Sept. She loved it & so did we. We drove down (12 hrs) but not once did she complain!! We saw Mickey- and she ran up and gave him a big hug! That was huge to us because she does NOT like straingers!!
When we first went into the park, we saw Minnie- there were a lot of people around, but we go to see her. Ashtyn was not sure of wat to think at first! Then we got her the only thing she had asked for- A big lollypop-

it made her day !! She ate that thing every day we were there- until we accidently broke it :( . At Magic Kingdom, she loved the Dumbo ride, Peter Pan, and Pooh- but her favorite was "It's a Small World" Since we went in the off season it was not crowded, so we were able to ride it 3 times in a row!! I thought Ken was going to kill himself!!

The next day we went to Sea World- Ashtyn is still talking about the Dolphins - 2 weeks later!!! I guess she gets that from me!! She loves them! We fed the dolphins, seals and sharks/ stingrays. She would touch the fishes tail, that is it, but she still had fun! After the dolphins, I would have to say the polar bears were her next fav- she really enjoyed watching them! It was exciting when we went, just 3 days earlier a new killer whale was born! So... we got to see the 800 pound baby! :) The Shamu show was orignally cancelled, but because of how well the baby was doing, we got to see the "Believe" show too! Ashtyn wanted to get wet, so we sat in the spash zone, but were not quite down far enough to get wet- oh well- maybe next time! Next to seeing Mickey Mouse- I would say Sea World was her favorite!

Next we went to Animal Kingdom- and went on a safari. We got to see all the animals- and some were so close we could have touched them! It was really fun! Ashtyn not only loved the animals, but loved the "bumpy" ride too!! We went over to Dino land in Animal Kingdom next, and we rode the dino ride ( a lot like dumbo) about 5 times- We could all ride together so we had a ball flying the dino up and down!

From there we went to MGM. We saw Airel ( Ashtyn is still talking about that as well :) ) we say Mickey again, and the playhouse disney show. This was the last park we were going to visit so we asked Ashtyn which toy she wanted- Mickey or Minnie. Her reply " I want two of them!!" "I want both of them"- and seeing that Ken and I are softies- She got both!! She was very happy and content, and fell asleep with them both!

The last day we were there we spent shopping and packing up. We had a wonderful time and cannot wait to go back!!!


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