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Friday, July 07, 2006

Finally Some pictures...

This is Ashtyn playing dress up at Mrs. Viv's house. She loves playing with new clothes, shoes, and purses !! That is my girl!!! :)

This is Ashtyn on her last day of preschool- they had a party with ice cream and chee-toes- two of her favorites!! She had a ball !

Here Ashtyn is looking out the "window" of our tent and laughing as we get ready to back onto boat. We took her camping for the first time father's day weekend- real camping in a tent!! We did have a bath-house nearby so we could shower, etc. We went with our close friends and spent two days on Kerr Lake on the boat. Ashtyn loved it!! She loved swimming in the lake even though I thought it was way to cold !!! The first night she was too excited to sleep, but the second night she was so tired she did great!!! She called the lake the pool the entire time we were there! Any body of water is a pool to her- we were at the beach on the boat with our friends, and she called the ocean a pool !!!!! It did not matter what we said- that body of water was a pool !!! :)

Ashtyn LOVES Grandma and Grandad's ( Stacy's mom and dad) swimming pool ! We spent the afternoon of the 4th of July over there and she "swam"(with her swimvest on) by herself all the way down and back the length of the pool!! Her little legs were going a million miles a minute!!! ;) We went to see fireworks two nights in a row, she oved them too. We warned her about how loud they were before we went and told her the would go "POP" and "BANG". She picked up on the pop, and the next day she was asking to see the "pop, pops" again!!!!

She is growing up so fast!!! We have succesfully finished potty training (about a month and a half ago we were done!). She was fairly easy to train too! Once she was ready that is all it took !!! Yeah!!!!!!!!

Hope you are all doing well !! Have a wonderful day !!!


Blogger Mary said...

stacy, your blog is great. i love the pictures of Ashtyn. she is adorable!
i started a blog today on this site. i hope to keep it up!

5:33 PM  

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